Formal Wear Hats for Men

Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada, specializes in providing formal wear hats for men to make sure you look your absolute best on the fanciest and most solemn occasions. Browse our selection of prestigious hat brands for men on our online store w

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Formal Fedora Hats for Men

Whatever the occasion, a black fedora hat will always add a touch of subtle grace and inconspicuous class to your outfit. For celebrations such as weddings, galas, balls, baptisms or any other ceremony, a classic fedora hat for men such as the Borsalino Anello and the Stetson Saxon is a perfect way to top your best suits and evening attire with vintage class.

Let's discover the 3 different types of formal hats : 

  • Top Hats
  • Bowler Hats, Derby Hats, and Homburg Hats
  • Boater Hats and Panama Hats: Summer Formal Headwear

Top Hats

It doesn’t get any more formal than this! Top hats have long been the go-to formal wear hat for men and boys on the most solemn and grand occasions. Browse our collection of wool felt top hats such as the Bailey Ice, fur felt top hats such as the Christys’ Top Hat Fur Melusine, or leather top hats from the American Hatmaker brands for a touch of steampunk aesthetic. Let all the world know that you know how to dress appropriately and shine with elegance!

Bowler Hats, Derby Hats, and Homburg Hats

Before the fedora became the default gentleman’s hat, bower hats and derby hats were the utmost symbols of upwards social mobility. Homburg hats were for a long time the preferred dress hat for powerful political figures, such as Churchill and Prince Edward. These hats still shine today by the aura of elegance they bring to the dashing individuals who wear them.

Boater Hats and Panama Hats: Summer Formal Headwear

To dress to a T in the summertime, to attend the legendary Kentucky Derby, or simply to enjoy hot weather in formal attire, our team of hatters at Henri Henri strongly recommend choosing a formal summer hat for men such as the Scala Paddock, a beautiful laitchow straw boater hat, or an elegant bleached genuine Panama straw hat such as the Borsalino Panama.