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Frequently asked questions

1. FAQ
1.1 How do hats fare in the rain?

While most felt hats are able to sustain slight water exposure, very few hats are actually waterproof. NO STRAW HAT IS EVER MEANT TO BE WORN UNDER THE RAIN. Waterproof hats tend to be made out of beaver felt, waxed cotton or synthetic fibres. Wool and non-beaver fur felts will easily handle moderate exposure to light rains or a “quick shower”, but any serious rainfall or rainstorm may soak your hat, making it prone to misshaping and shrinking. If you do get soaked, try and gently remove excess water with a towel or sponge. Leave to dry suspended, away from windows (uneven discolouring) and heat sources (felt and leather damage, as well as shrinking may result from prolonged heat exposure). If you have trouble putting your hat back into shape, feel free to ask one of our hatters for advice, or simply bring us your hat for Workshop/Restoration.

1.2 How can I care for my hat at home?

Brush your wool felts with a lint brush and your fur felts with a horsehair Hat brush, making counterclockwise circular strokes. Avoid pinching your hat, as it may result in wear and tear over time. For long-term storage, a Hat box will better preserve your hat’s physical integrity.

1.3 How should I measure my head size?

Different hat brands measure in different systems and have different ideas on how a hat should fit. This results in a lot of confusion when trying to navigate between hats from different manufacturers. The best way around this is to take a soft measuring tape and to circle your head just above the eyebrows, above the tip of the ears and right on the crest of your occiput. Take the measurement and round to the superior centimeter or eighth of an inch. You can then refer to our Size charts. Feel free to ask one of our hatters for advice by coming to the store, giving us a call or writing us an email.

1.4 Can hats be shrinked or stretched?

Depending on the hat, we may be able to shrink or stretch it, usually by no ore than one or two sizes either way. Hats and caps have a normal tendency to shrink over time. We offer free stretching to customers who show up with their hats. A stretching can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours. If you own more than a few hats, or if you live too far from the store for a quick visit, you may consider getting a Hat Jack, which would help you maintain your hats to the proper size.

1.5 Do you make customs hats?

Henri Henri ltd offers a wide selection of ready to wear hats and caps, as well as a maintenance and cleaning service. We do not make custom hats on a regular basis, but depending on your demands, we may be able to make a hat for you. If you wish to discuss the possibility of having a hat made for you by Henri Henri, please write us an email detailing your expectations (shape, type of felt, colour, finition, etc.) and we will evaluate our ability to meet them.

1.6 What are your shipping fees and delivery times?

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our capacity to meet normal shipping expectancies. We are grateful for your forgiveness and understanding if a delivery comes later than expected.

For additional details and for our returns policy, please refer to our Shipping and Returns page.

1.7 What is the nearest metro station?

Henri Henri is located right between the Berri-Uqam and Saint-Laurent stations.

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Henri Henri

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