Based in Garland, Texas, Resistol hats has a rightful claim to the title of premium Texan cowboy hat makers. While Stetson makes gorgeous, luxurious hats, Resistol cowboy hats are still seen as a true working man’s hat, and the prefered choice of rodeo ri

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Resistol: Texan Cowboy Hats since 1927

Founded in 1927 by E.R. Byer and Henry Rolnick in Dallas, Texas, the Resistol name came from a play on “Resists All”, to indicate that their cowboy hats were meant to resist all weather conditions. Made in Garland, TX, the cowboy hat capital of the world since 1938, Resistol Hats are endorsed by the Texas Department of Public Safety for its troopers, and have long been offered to notable guests as diplomatic gestures. 

Resistol hats were even famously worn by Texas’ own President Lyndon B, Johnson, and by President Ronald Reagan. Now part of the Hat Co group, Resistol stands as one of the world-renowned ambassadors of Texas culture with their quality felt and straw cowboy hats.

Resistol Horsehair Hat Brush

How to clean a resistol cowboy hat? For hat care, Henri Henri has trusted Resistol for its high-quality horsehair hat brush for fur felt maintenance in its own workshop. These brushes are used to remove dust, lint and dirt from fur felt hats. Using a Resistol hat brush, brush your rabbit or beaver felt hats with short, vigorous strokes. Always brush in a counterclockwise fashion to follow the felt’s grain. Explore our selection of Resistol brushes and other hat accessories!