Felt Hats for Women

Felt is one of the most ancient materials used to craft hats. Obtained from the treatment of wool and fur, felt is a dense and insulating fabric that makes for warm, durable, and exquisite hats. Find yours on the Henri Henri online hat store!

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Which Felt Hat Should I Choose?

  1. Wool Felt

Wool felt is mostly obtained from the fleece of merinos sheep and angora goats. Abundant and inexpensive, wool felt is habitually treated to enhance its water resistance. We, however, recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall.

Wool felt makes ideal first hats for women! The Henri Henri hat store offers a vast array of shapes and colors at affordable prices to allow you to explore and define your style!

  1. Rabbit Fur Felt

As its name suggests, rabbit fur felt is obtained from rabbit fur duvet. Denser and more water resistant than wool felt, a good rabbit is beautiful and incredibly durable.

Rabbit fur is generally considered in the upper ranges of quality. A good rabbit fur felt hat for women can potentially last decades, providing great insulation and elegant class!

The Henri Henri hat store offers a vast selection of exquisite rabbit fur felt hats for women from some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Stetson, Borsalino, Mayser, Christys’ and Akubra.

  1. Beaver Felt

The summit of hat making. Beaver felt features a soft, almost velvet-like texture. Naturally waterproof, beaver fur felt hats are usually the crown jewel of one’s hat collection.

You will find at the Henri Henri hat store a selection of beautiful Stetson, Borsalino and Panizza beaver fur felt hats! So don't wait any longer and come and discover all our hats for women

How Do I Maintain My Felt Hat?

Felt hats must be brushed regularly to remove dust. Wool felt hats require lint brushes for deep cleaning, and you may also use a tape clothing roller for surface dust or hair. 

Fur felt hats require the use of a horsehair bristle brush. Brush every surface with short, vigorous strokes in a counterclockwise motion to follow the grain of the felt.

If your felt hat is misshapen or otherwise needs a deep cleaning, come to the Henri Henri hat store for a cleaning/reblocking! Our team of expert hatters uses traditional molds and methods to properly care for your men’s felt hat!

We recommend that hats used on a daily basis be cleaned and reblocked once a year. You can also space cleaning and reblocking by a few years if you use your hat on an ad hoc basis.