Trilby Hats for Men

The classic trilby hat for men is arguably one of the most recognizable hat styles out there. Elegant and versatile, trilbys are short-brimmed hats that will easily suit any outfit. Find your own fashion trilby hat today at Henri Henri! Looking for anothe

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The Trilby Hat: A Short-Brimmed Fedora

Whether it is made of felt, fabric or straw, trilbys are specific types of fedoras with short, asymmetric brims, usually topped with a teardrop crown. This versatile hat will charm anyone by its beauty and practicality. Find trilby hats for men from some of the most famous hat brands from around the world on our online store with fast shipping! 

A Hat Fit for Form and Fun!

A long standing favourite of artists such as Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more, trilby hats are also beloved by music lovers of the world. A Trilby hat perfectly suits a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, as well as a full suit. Find your trilby hat today and rest assured that whatever the occasion, you will always have the perfect hat!

A Great Variety of Materials

Some of Henri Henri’s top-selling hats are variations of the classic trilby hat for men. The 100% polypropylene Bailey Mannes is crushable, rollable, and waterproof. The Panizza Bari is a simple, yet refined wool felt trilby with timeless elegance. The fresh and versatile Göttmann Onyx paper straw trilby and the leather American Hat Soho are among the most popular trilbys sold in our store.

Trilby and Theatre

As with fedoras, trilby hats captured the passion and inspiration of many a hatmaker after the premiere of a play of the same name: Trilby, by playwright George Du Maurier. The main character of the play, a young factory worker named Trilby, wears a very short-brimmed fedora that rapidly set a long-lasting fashion trend.