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Browse our selection of flat top miliThe private style refers to caps with a flat top. Most often made of sturdy yet breathable fabrics, these stylish, shallow caps are made to endure the toughest challenges. Find your own stylish private cap today at Hen

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A Style Inspired by the Military

Private caps are modeled after the training and combat uniforms of many infantry corps from around the world. Famously worn by the marines in the Full Metal Jacket film, the private cap is based on the baseball cap shape, with a flat panel on top. 

Compact, sturdy, comfortable and convenient, private caps are a perfect choice of headwear when you need a hat that can face your fast-paced activities. Private caps are often worn by workers of the entertainment industry: roadies, stagehands, barmen and barmaids, even musicians are often seen wearing this practical, stylish and compact hat style. Would you like to cover your head with a different kind of cap? Don't worry, we have the perfect selection of women's headwear for you in our online store! 

The Army Cap CO/PE by Stetson

This flat top military cap by the iconic Stetson brand leaves nothing to chance. It is made of water-resistant treated cotton and features a 2 ⅜” curved brim and 4 vented eyelets for a perfect balance between form and function. No task is too daunting for this well built, comfortable and stylish private cap! Practical and stylish, you will find at Henri Henri the best caps for women.

The Private Cap by Goorin Bros.

The Private cap is a simple, elegant and lightweight hat with style and practicality in mind. Its compact style with short brim makes it easy to match with any sort of outfits. Choose a comfortable, lightweight and breathable, 100% cotton flat top military cap for style and comfort in the hot summer sun!

How Do I Clean My Private Hat?

Depending on the material of your cap, we will recommend different approaches. Make sure you read the label inside your cap for valuable care and maintenance information. If you have any questions about how to clean your private hat or flat top military cap, never hesitate to contact our team of professional hatters at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!