Leather Gloves

Nothing beats a good pair of leather gloves to keep your hands warm during the winter months. Add a touch of finesse or a dash of rugged class to your winter outfits! Browse our selection on our online store or come visit the Henri Henri hat store!

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Leather Gloves for Women and Men

Thanks to our varied offer of quality handwear, Henri Henri is without a doubt a must-stop shop to find well crafted leather gloves for men and women in Montreal. Browse our selection, ranging from smartphone-compatible Hestra gloves to exclusive Peccary gloves, arguably the softest, most breathable leather out there!

Black Leather Gloves

To elegantly tie together your coat, shoes, boots, belts and hats, a pair of black leather gloves more than often is the go-to accessory. These elegant gloves will let everyone know you do not joke with the details and that your fashion sense is impeccable!

Leather Driving Gloves

A relic of an era where chauffeurs were much more commonplace, driving gloves are unlined and breathable, thanks to their open knuckles. They shield hands from the wind in convertibles and cabriolets, and they ease the friction damage to the skin long hours of driving can induce, while securing your grip to the steering wheel. Looking for another accessory for a vintage look on the road? Come and discover all our accessories, you will find scarves, suspenders and even walking sticks! 

Smartphone-Compatible Gloves

The Hestra brand offers a selection of gloves with special thumb and index patches that allow you to answer calls and browse map apps on your smartphone without the need to remove your gloves. A very convenient feature, and a tough one to ignore once you try it.

Why Are Leather Gloves Good? 

Leather gloves have a number of features that make them the sensible choice for a warm and comfortable winter:

  • Leather gloves are warmer than cotton, wool or polyester gloves
  • Leather gloves are more durable than cotton, wool or polyester gloves
  • Leather gloves last longer than other types of gloves

How to choose a Glove Size?

When shopping for gloves on our online store, click on the “size Guide” tab next to the product description. Use a measuring tape or a piece of string to determine the size of your palm. Simply wind the measuring tape or string around the palm, from the gap between your thumb and index fingers to the opposite wrist bone. Use the length you obtained to determine your glove size!