Boater Hat for Women

The boater hat is the inheritor of a rich history that takes you back to the charm and elegance of a not so distant past and the simpler times of the 19th century. Find your straw boater hat for women on the Henri Henri online hat store with fast shipping

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A Classic Summer Hat

Originally part of mid-nineteenth century French navy mariner uniforms, the boater hat became rapidly popular in the civilian society. It became part of navy-themed european school uniforms and spread to the wider public as the foremost chic summer hat. Today, the boater hat is still part of numerous school summer uniforms.

Made of stiffened straw, the boater hat for women features an elegant bowed grosgrain ribbon, a flat, shallow crown and a flat brim. Worn slanted on the side, the boater hat confers a tasteful yet candid sense of fun and dynamism to any summer outfit, and earned a place of honor among performers of Vaudeville theater.

For a festive and elegant look, the boater hat for women adds a touch of vintage class to your wardrobe and provides ample shade and ventilation to allow you to enjoy the sun to the fullest!

Scala Boater Hats

Between the elegant Paddock hat made of handwoven Panama straw and the traditional Gondola hat made of vintage waffled straw, Scala boater hats for women all feature the instantly recognizable navy blue and red striped grosgrain ribbon that will instantly make you stand out!

Mayser Boater Hats

The Gondolo hat by the german Mayser brand is made of genuine Panama straw, a handwoven toquilla straw from the hills of Ecuador. Shaped in the European Mayser factories, the Gondolo hat is simple, lightweight and comfortable. Find on the online hat store Henri Henri with fast delivery the hat that suits you.

How to Care for My Boater Hat?

The best advice we can give you regarding long-term care for your mens straw boater hat is to avoid prolonged rain exposure as much as you can. Being made of straw, boater hats risk getting misshapen or breaking when soaked. If your boater hat gets wet, allow it to dry at room temperature, resting on a towel on a flat surface. 

If your hat needs reshaping, never hesitate to consult our team of professional hatters to inquire about our cleaning & reblocking services. Store your boater straw hat in a hat box to preserve its shape and shield it from dust.