Fur Hats for Men

This winter, stay warm and fuzzy thanks to our collection of exquisite fur hats for men. Discover products made here in Quebec and elsewhere in the world from the finest muskrat, sheepskin, beaver, otter and angora furs.

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Chapeau Aviateur Mouton
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Chapeau Aviateur Mouton
Velour Slub Casual
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Velour Slub Casual

Russian Style Fur Hats for Men

The ushanka hat, or chapka hat style originates from Russia. Very widespread for its unparalleled warmth and insulation, this hat with ear flaps is a must in arctic temperatures.

Aviator Men Fur Hats

As their names suggest, Aviator Hats were originally developed at the onset of the aviation age. In early open cockpit planes, pilots had precious little protection against icy temperatures and strong winds at even medium altitudes. These round crown, leather hats are often lined with shearling or quilted satin to increase wind and cold insulation.

Real Fur Beanies

The Henri Henri hat store offers a selection of stretch-fit wool beanies decorated with genuine fur poms. These comfortable and trendy tuques will keep you warm and stylish all winter long!

Gravel Fur Hats: Québecois Craftsmanship

The Province of Quebec has a long, deep history with fur trade and craftsmanship. The Gravel brand offers beautiful chapkas and aviator hats made of beaver and brushed sheepskin. Warm, comfortable and elegant, Gravel hats are perfect to face the harsh and long Canadian winter! Looking for another type of warm hat to accessorize your outfit this winter? Come and discover our wide range of men's hats, you will find the perfect hat for you!