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Founded in California in 1921, the Dorfman Pacific Company owns a variety of brands that offer quality and affordable fedoras, outdoors hats, formal wear hats and rich history. Discover our selection of DPC hats, quality products, on the online Henri Henr

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Pith Helmet
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Pith Helmet

The DPC brand holds the official DisneyLucas license to produce hats bearing the name of the famous archaeologist and adventurer. Made of strong, high-quality materials, the Indiana Jones hats vary on a scale from exact replica with the Indiana Jones Fur Felt hat to the shapeable and waterproof Indiana Jones Waxed Cotton.

Scala Hats

DPC holds all of their formal wear hats under the Scala banner. These hats include a variety of wool felt top hats, as well as summer formal boater hats such as the Gondola hat made of laitchow straw, and the inimitable Paddock hat made of genuine Panama straw.You can choose your head sizes for a comfort level. 

DPC Outdoors Hats

DPC hats are geared towards heavy duty outdoors use. One of the most popular DPC hats sold at Henri Henri is the Pith Helmet hat, a strong, sturdy and amazingly vented hardshell straw hat. A star in the world of lifeguards and gardeners, it provides amazing UV protection and ventilation, all the while being tough enough to partake in some hard work!

DPC Hat Accessories

DPC also offers hat accessories in the form of twill and terry hat size reducers to improve the fit on a stiff or oversized hat, or in the form of removable pugareel bands that lets you vary the color accents on your hats to better fit your various outfits. A DPC hat accessory can bring a new life to a hat you thought was done!