Hat feathers have long been a favorite accessory to decorate hats with a touch of color and elegance. This tradition stems from Austrian hunters, who used to decorate their Jägermeister hats with hunting trophies, usually a feather or a patch of fur, to s

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Hand-Crafted Feathers 

Hat feathers sold at Henri Henri are all hand-crafted by Quebecois artisans versed in the tradition of fly fishing. Made from pheasant, rooster, and various birds native to the province of Quebec, these exquisite feathers are sold in packs of two or three, depending on how elaborate the feathers are. 

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How to Decorate a Hat with Feathers?

Hat feathers are designed to be inserted in the space between a hat’s sweatband and felt body, usually behind the sweatband’s buckle. Simply insert the stem of the feather in that space. If the feather does not stay in place, you can thicken the stem by wrapping gaffer tape or hockey tape around it.

If you are an adept of the great outdoors, you may even come across a beautiful bird feather in the wild. Do not hesitate to bring any feather you own to our team of hatters when time comes to clean and reblock your hat. We will gladly install your treasured feather on your hat!

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