Kangol Hats

Discover the widest selection of Kangol hats and caps available in Canada. Founded in the UK in 1920, the Kangol brand is known throughout the world for its timeless designs and fashion sense.

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Denim Baseball
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Denim Baseball

Kangol Bucket Hats

One of the most recognizable hat styles, the bucket hat is as much at home in the outdoors as on the streets and the scene. Whether you are looking for a vintage cotton, Bermuda or Furgora bucket hat, you will find the Kangol hat you were searching for.

Kangol Caps and Berets

Kangol has always been at the forefront of design for caps and berets with the most diverse colour palette. Between the storied Kangol Tropic 504 flat cap and black Kangol Monty beret, the Wool Spitfire cap, and the classic Wool Flexfit Baseball cap, Kangol caps shine in every shape. Find the Kangol cap or beret you were searching for to complete your outfits in style.

A Rich History

Jacques Spreiregen, a veteran of the Great War, founded the Kangol hat company in 1920 and opened his first factory in Cumbria, England. Adopted by the pioneers of the Hip Hop community in the 80’s, the famous Kangol brand still enjoys its reputation for building world-class headwear.

What does Kangol mean?

The Kangol name derives from the words knitting (K), angora (ang), and wool (ol). The berets originally worn by British troops in the Second World War slowly morphed into the Kangol 504 caps, a flagship Kangol cap that you can find at Henri Henri, among many others.