Women’s Baseball Caps

A well fitted women’s baseball cap is the perfect choice to get a casual, sporty look in any season. The Henri Henri hat store offers a vast selection of summer and winter women’s baseball caps from brands such as Goorin Bros, City Sport and Kangol!

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Summer Women’s Baseball Caps

Summer baseball caps are first and foremost designed to provide your eyes, face and scalp with shade and UV protection. Henri Henri provides you with an amazing choice of summer baseball caps for women, from the cotton, linen and silk City Sports and Göttmann caps, to the streetwise Kangol caps and the fashionably humorous Goorin Bros. 

Would you like a summer hat more than a cap? No problem! Come and take a look at our collection of hats for women, you're bound to find something you like. 

Winter Women’s Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are also well suited for winter! We offer a great selection of wool, loden, tweed and felt winter baseball caps for women, with a great variety of features ranging from gore-tex or polar lining to retractable ear muffs. Get yourself a classy or sporty women’s winter baseball cap and enjoy winter to its fullest!

Are baseball caps fashionable?

We can trace the origin of the baseball cap to the 1860’s. At first, they were soft and featured a floppy crown, and were popularized by the Brooklyn Excelsiors, a professional baseball team. Its eight panel design made it very comfortable, and its puffy crown allowed teams to put their teams’ logos on them. For this reason, the design was swiftly adopted by other baseball teams, and was gradually refined to become the sporty and trendy cap we know today.

How Do I Clean a Baseball Cap?

Baseball caps can have a tough life. They are often worn in the heat of summer, while doing physical activities or hard work, hence they often get drenched in sweat. We recommend you use lukewarm or cold water to clean your baseball cap for women. 

Use a gentle soap and a soft nail brush to gently but thoroughly clean every panel of your cap. Do not immerse your cap in water, unless the soil level is so high that brushing is not enough. 

Rice with cold or lukewarm water and a soft nail brush. Let dry at room temperature, away from heat sources and windows to avoid color fade and shrinkage.