Lloyd Suspenders

The vintage lover will be thrilled to discover the Henri Henri hat store’s extensive selection of German-made Lloyd suspenders, including modern clip suspenders and vintage leather straps and button suspenders. Add a dash of classic style to your outfits!

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Suspenders 6795

Lloyd Clip Suspenders

Lloyd’s classic men suspenders feature broad and solid clips to ensure longevity, and its straps are wide and stretch-fit for optimum comfort and support. Keep your back straight and look the part, Lloyd clip suspenders will carry you through the day!

Lloyd Straps & Buttons Suspenders

A favorite of Henri Henri customers, Lloyd straps & buttons suspenders offer the convenience of clip LIoyd suspenders with the allure of vintage button men leather suspenders. You can use them on trousers already equipped with suspender buttons, and you can use the clippable set of metallic buttons on the waste of your regular pants to provide anchor points for the leather straps. 

Lloyd straps & buttons suspenders are “Y” patterned, with two straps in the front and a central strap in the back like classique 6723 suspenders. To install the set of clippable metallic buttons:

  1. Clip the metallic buttons to the waistband of your pants:
      • 2 on the front left, in line with the knee
      • 2 on the front right, in line with the knee
      • 2 on either side of the centerline in the back
  2. Fasten each end of the leather straps to the corresponding button.
  3. Voilà!

Lloyd Hybrid Suspenders

Unsure which of the clip suspender or straps & buttons suspender system suits you best? Lloyd hybrid men suspenders Montreal allow you to enjoy both fastening systems in one convenient package!