Military Caps for Men

The military style refers to caps with a flat top. These stylish caps with shallow designs are usually made of sturdy and breathable fabric to help you overcome the toughest ordeals. Find your own men's military cap today at Henri Henri!

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A Universal Soldier Style

The military cap style was famously seen on the silver screen in movies such as Full Metal Jacket. This simple, rugged design is part of the training or combat uniform of many military units across the globe, and is universally liked for its simple, rugged design. Military hats are based on the shape of a baseball cap, with a single, flat panel on top.

They are comfortable, sturdy and compact, which is ideal when you need a cap that can face a high-intensity, fast-paced lifestyle. Military caps are designed to work as hard as you do. Private caps and military caps are often prized by stagehands, roadies, musicians, and craftsmen. They all know the value of a stylish and durable hat that is comfortable to wear for many hours!

The Private Cap by Goorin Bros.

A simple and elegant lightweight cotton cap, the Private has simplicity and practicality in mind. You can match it with any type of outfit. It features a short brim that gives it a charming, stylish edge that will bring you comfort and style during the hot summer months!

The Army CO/PE by Stetson

When you need an extra tough hat, the Stetson Army CO/PE answers the call. It is made of 100% treated cotton to endure the toughest work conditions. It features a 2 ¾” brim and 4 vented eyelets to improve breathability, shade and protection. Ideal for outdoors activities and work, the Army CO/PE cap is the ultimate military cap for civilian use! Looking for a different kind of hat to enhance your face? Come and take a look at all of our men's hats

How Do I Clean My Military Cap?

We will recommend different approaches depending on the material your military cap is made of. Make sure you read the label found inside your hat or cap for valuable information and cleaning instructions. If you have any questions pertaining to cleaning and maintaining your military cap, do not hesitate to contact our team of professional hatters at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!