Leather Hats for Men

Henri Henri offers you the widest selection of leather hats for men and men’s leather sun hats in Canada. We offer you leather hats of all shapes and styles, including leather top hats, leather flat caps, Australian kangaroo leather hats, and aviator hats

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Leather Hats for men of Every Style

Summer, fall, spring, and winter each have their own leather hat, with as many and different styles as the people who wear them. 

We invite you to browse our inventory of leather hats for men, which includes leather top hats, aviator hats, fur hats, Australian kangaroo leather bush hats, and leather flat caps.

Leather Hats from America, Australia, and More

The majority of our leather hats collection for men is made in the United States and Canada, such as our cowboy hats and steampunk leather hats which come from American Hat, or our fur and aviator hats from Gravel. 

We also carry leather hats from the world-renowned Barmah brand made of Kangaroo leather, which is famous for its soft, packable, and highly resistant leather.

How to Maintain a Leather Hat

Wearing a leather hat in the rain is strongly discouraged unless the hatmaker specifies otherwise. The best way to maintain your leather hat’s softness and appearance is to regularly apply a leather conditioner. 

You may use the Barmah conditioning cream or the leather conditioning kit. Just add a small quantity of the product and apply it to all exterior surfaces of your hat.

How to Maintain a Suede Hat

Unless specified otherwise by the hatmaker, it is strongly discouraged to wear a suede hat under the rain. 

To remove stains from a suede hat, use high grain sandpaper, or even better, a suede brush or block, which you can find in our Suede cleaner kit. Gently rub the stains, taking care not to damage the fibres of the suede.