Porkpies & Homburgs for Men

Why not go for something different? Flat-crowned porkpie hats and curl-brimmed homburg hats are two variations on the classic fedora shape that always bring a touch of festive sophistication to any outfit. Find yours today at the Henri Henri hat store!

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Pork Pie Hats for Men

Porkpie hats first appeared in the early 20th Century. They were essentially a felt version of the boater hat, which features a stiff flat crown and flat brim. They were made exceedingly popular by actor Buster Keaton. Porkipe hats for men reached their first golden age in the 30’s and 40’s, becoming a favorite of jazz, blues and ska musicians. 

The porkpie hat is still present in today’s popular culture. It was famously worn by Brian Cranston in Breaking Bad, and is still a go-to for our musician customers. Find your porkpie hat for men today at Henri Henri!

Mens Homburg Hats & Godfather Hats

Before the age of the fedora hat, one hat stood above all others in semi-formal settings: the Homburg hat. The homburg hat takes its name from the town of Bad Homburg in Hesse, Germany. Originally a hunting hat, it was popularized by the Prince of Wales, future King Edward VII, and was the signature hat of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

With its creased, pinchless crown and curled, bound-edged brim, the Homburg hat blends easily with casual and formal attire. Find a homburg hat for men to crown your head at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!

Summer Porkpie Hats

While porkpie hats are commonly made out of felt, some brands such as Bailey Hats of Hollywood know that the casual and festive look of the porkpie would make it a great summer hat style. The Bailey Waits has consistently been a best-seller at Henri Henri, for its soft and compact construction, paired with amazing ventilation, make it desirable on any warm and sunny day.

Not sure if you should choose this style of hat? Discover all our vintage hats for men and make your choice! 

How do I Care for my Porkpie Hat or Homburg Hat?

Whatever the material, your porkpie hat or homburg hat will always last longer and prettier if you store it in a hat box. For dusting, we recommend you use a lint brush on wool felt hats, and a horse bristle brush for fur felt hats. Remember that fur felt hats should always be brushed counterclockwise. If your hat gets stained or misshapen, never hesitate to reach our team of specialized hatters to enquire about our cleaning & reblocking services!