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Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada, offers an exquisite selection of fedoras and flat-brimmed hats for all tastes and all occasions. We offer our customers a wide variety of high quality wool felt, fur felt, and genuine Panama straw hats made loc

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Henri Henri Hats: Made in Canada

Henri Henri hats are made in Canada and are waterproof. We pride ourselves in dealing with local manufacturers, to whom we send our designs elaborated by our team of hatters. We are protective of the Henri Henri name, and we make sure every hat satisfies high standards of quality and come at competitive prices.

Browse our collection of fedoras and flat-brimmed hats designed and made in Montreal. Each of our designs is inspired by the fashion trends popular among Montreal hat wearers.

The Henri Henri Alexis and Alexis Special Edition

From the very first day they were displayed on our shelves, the Henri Henri Alexis and Alexis Special Edition hats have been an instant success. They are prized by our customers for their high-quality rabbit fur felt, vibrant colors and elegant, fashionable design. The Alexis’ brim is delicately finished with a bound edge that matches its contrasting sweatband.

Come today to the Henri Henri hat store and try on a beautiful Alexis or Alexis Special Edition fedora, or visit our online store with fast shipping to admire our selection of original colors. Stand out in the crowd with a sturdy, yet refined Alexis or Alexis Special Edition hat that leaves no one indifferent!

The Henri Henri Jeremy and Jay Flat Brim

For those seeking a flat-brimmed Henri Henri hat that blurs the line between an urban and a western look, you will love the Henri Henri Jeremy and Jay Flat Brim designs. With their wide, flat brims, these unique designs give one an original and fashionable look. Find the hat that will make you stand out at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Montreal!

How Do I Maintain My Henri Henri Hat?

If your Henri Henri hat lost its original shape, do not hesitate to call us to know more about our cleaning and reblocking service. To remove dust from your Henri Henri hat, we recommend you use a horsehair-bristle brush. Brush with short, vigorous strokes in a counterclockwise fashion on every surface of the hat to follow the grain of the felt. 

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