Jonathan Richard Caps

Jonathan Richard caps are handmade in the family workshop in Dublin, Ireland. These exquisite newsboy caps, flat caps and scarves are made of genuine Irish and Donegal tweed. Find your Jonathan Richard hat today at Henri Henri, or on our online store!

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Newsboy Cap
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Newsboy Cap

Authentic, Timeless Irish Caps

What do Les Misérables’ Gavroche, Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby, and Dickens’ Oliver Twist have in common? They all sport a tweed 8-panel cap, also called newsboy caps,or gatsby caps.

Newsboy caps have been a staple of the hard-laboring working class of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Make this iconic cap style your own, and choose among a selection of beautiful, handwoven and crafted Jonathan Richard caps.

The Jonathan Richard Newsboy Cap

Offered in classic patterns such as chenille, chevron and herringbone, the Jonathan Richard Newsboy Cap features a wide, spacious crown that you can easily slant sideways or backwards, to add dynamic lines to your outfits. It shines especially brightly with fall & winter coats and jackets and is lined with satin to procure comfort and temperature regulation.

Caps with Versatile Looks

Jonathan Richard caps are known for their chic, vintage looks. They are sought after by various hat enthusiasts: the trendy urban crowd, the hard-working rural folks, and the hardly working golfers, to name but a few. Jonathan Richard caps fit any style and any weather, in spring, fall and winter. If you're looking for another vintage and chic brand, check out all the brands we offer on our online site! 

How do I Clean my Tweed Cap?

Tweed caps are usually more water-resistant than ordinary caps. If they however end-up completely soaked, they risk shrinking during drying.

We recommend you use a soft bristle nail brush to clean your tweed cap. Simply dip the brush in soapy water, and gently brush the areas most affected by sweat stains, usually the sweatband and the underside of the brim. 

Rince the cap by dipping the brush again, this time in clear water, and brush the areas you just washed. Leave to dry at room temperature, away from heat sources and windows to help prevent shrinkage and color fade.

Never hesitate to contact our team of professional hatters at the Henri Henri hat store if you have any questions concerning your Jonathan Richard cap!