Hunting and Fishing Hat for Men

Hunting and fishing are sports that require a hefty dose of patience and harmony with nature. It is therefore important to shield you from the elements to stay comfortable in the outdoors! Find your hunting or fishing hat at the Henri Henri hat store!

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What Makes a Good Hunting or Fishing Hat?

Whatever prey or prize you are after, hunting and fishing can be practiced in a variety of seasons, so it is important your hunting hat or fishing hat corresponds to the weather in which you will be outside for long hours. We invite you to discover some of the best hunting hats and fishing hats available at Henri Henri Hat Store!

Barmah Hats

Located in Australia, the Barmah brand specializes in crafting bush hats out of leather, specifically kangaroo leather. These hats are foldable and water resistant, and provide excellent UV protection. Barmah hats are ideal in any season for hunting and fishing!

For fall and spring, hats such as the Sundowner Kangaroo and Crackle Kangaroo allow you to stay warm in the breeze, all the while allowing for ventilation through their breathable brass rings. The Kangaroo Cooler hat is better for the hot summer sun, as its vented mesh crown allows maximum breathability paired with adequate UV protection.

Tilley Hats

Tilley hats are known throughout the world for their dependability, sturdiness and practicality. They make for great fishing hats and hunting hats in the spring, summer and fall. They offer the best UV protection on the market, feature varied ingenious systems of ventilation, they are water resistant and easy to maintain.

Models such as the LTM6 hat feature extra wide brims for those fishing in open water, whereas models such as the LTM5 hat and the T5M0 hat are more compact and better suited for hunting and fishing in wooded areas.

Felt Outdoors Hats

Warm, water resistant and featuring wide brims to protect you from rain and shine, felted outdoors hats are perfect for hunting and fishing in the spring and fall. 

The Dune hat by Stetson is made of fur felt. It is solid, water resistant and warm. Both durable and comfortable, the Dune hat is a long-lasting outdoors hat that can accompany you on many hunting and fishing expeditions throughout the years. Other felt outdoors hats such as the Bailey Firehole hat are softer, to the point of being crushable. They are easy to carry and to care for, making your life that much easier!