Outdoors Hats

The Henri Henri hats store offers you a collection of some of the world’s best outdoors hats for your adventures in the open air. Trucker hats are not the only hats suitable for sun exposure. Find a practical, sturdy and stylish summer hat that will keep

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Tilley Outdoors Hats

If you are searching for a women's summer hat, look no further! Hats from the Canadian brand Tilley are designed to protect you from UV rays, are water-resistant and satisfy the highest requirements for durability and weather protection. These women's outdoors hats are perfect for any summer activity!

The Importance of a Wide Brim for Outdoors Activities

A wide brim means greater shade, which augments your hat’s sun protection factor. Most outdoors hats for women offered at Henri Henri are soft-bodied for increased comfort and feature such wide brims to protect your hair, skin, face and nose from the harsh assaults of sunlight

UV Protection

Some customers require the highest UV protection available on the market for various reasons. Henri Henri offers a selection of hats specifically designed with this clientele in mind. Outdoor hats for women from the Tilley and Barmah brand are certified UPF 50+, one of the highest protection ratings available on the market.

You will also find in our collection genuine Panama straw hats from the Mayser brand that bear the mention UV 80. Expert hatters at Henri Henri strongly advise that you use sunblock lotion in addition to a wide-brimmed hat to adequately protect yourself from UV rays.

Outdoors Hats of Different Materials for Different Activities

Outdoors hats for women and sun hats offered at Henri Henri come in a great variety of different straw fibers and weaves, cotton, natural and synthetic fabrics to tailor to our clientele’s various needs and offer an unbeatable combination of comfort, ventilation and sun protection.