Airway Panama Straw Outdoors Hat STETSON

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  • With the Airway hat by Stetson, you will always be shielded from the sun with style! This outdoors hat is made of genuine handwoven Panama straw and finished in Mexico. Find yours today at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!

Product details

At Home Under the Sun

The Airway hat is made of Genuine Panama straw, handwoven in Ecuador. This outdoors hat is shaped in a cowboy style, faithful to the Stetson brand design language.

Its safari wide brim is lined with a sun-protective layer, giving it outstanding UV protection and a UPF 50+ rating. With its tall and vented center dent crown, you will feel the breeze come in and the heat leave your head for an unparalleled sensation of freshness. With its added adjustable chinstrap, this Panama hat will be your best summer companion!

The Airway hat features a thin matching leather hatband and a twill sweatband that wicks sweat away for improved comfort. Choose a unisex summer hat made according to traditionnal craftsmanship that will leave you free to enjoy the great outdoors for as long as you like with the Stetson Airway hat!

Features of the Airway Hat

  • Material : Genuine Panama Straw
  • Shape : Cowboy
  • Height : 4 ½” (11,43 cm)
  • Brim : 3” (7,62 cm)
  • Crown : Center Dent, Vented
  • Hat Band : Leather
  • Lining : Unlined
  • Sweatband : Twill
  • Colors : Natural
  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Season : Summer
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Stetson
  • Origin
    • Genuine Panama Straw Handwoven in Ecuador
    • Shaped and Finished in Mexico
  • Maintenance : Store your Airway hat in a hat box or in a bag, taking care not to stack anything on top of it. The Stetson Airway is a semi-rigid body hat, making it unsuitable to be rolled or folded. Do not wear it in the rain. For any question concerning cleaning or reshaping your hat, never hesitate to seek the help of our professional team of hatters!
  • Size Guide : Measure the circumference of your head at eyebrow ridge height, going slightly over the ears. Compare the obtained measurement to our Stetson Size Guide table to determine your size. If you fall between two sizes, we strongly recommend you opt for the larger size. We will gladly help you with size adjustments in-store.


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