Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Montreal, is the place to go if you are looking for clothing accessories to match your hats and outfits, or if you are looking for the right hat accessory to put the cherry on top of your topper. Find the accessories y

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Hat Accessories

Henri Henri offers a complete selection of hat accessories to help you maintain, care for and customize your branded hats. Decorating your hats with a hat feather is an excellent way to add a discreet touch of color and tie together your hats and outfits. You may also be interested in getting a hat brush by browsing our hat accessories and ensuring your hat always looks sharp!

A hat stretcher will make your life easier in the long term. Hats have a tendency to slowly shrink over time, due to variations in ambient humidity. Use a hat stretcher to ensure your hat always has a perfect fit!

For leather and suede hats, the Henri Henri hat store also offers you specialized hat care products.

Gentlemen's Accessories

Henri Henri accessories are not limited to hats only! To add a dash of vintage class to your clothes, consider using a vintage walking stick or opting for a comfortable pair of suspenders instead of a belt. The Henri Henri hat store also offers its customers a selection of high quality umbrellas of all price ranges. Find a pair of warm, comfortable leather gloves and a matching scarf to have a most enjoyable winter!

How Do I Adjust My Walking Stick?

Vintage walking sticks offered in the selection of Henri Henri accessories are not meant for orthopedic use. Repeatedly putting your weight on it risks wearing the pommel rifling and damaging the cane. Henri Henri offers to adjust your walking stick for you after purchase.