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  • The Henri Henri Hat Box is the best storage solution. Made of a resistant cardboard which is printed in our colors, our hat box is made in Canada. Get it today at the Henri Henri hat store or on our online store with fast shipping!

Product details

A Hat Box Full of History

For years now, the Henri Henri Box has become iconic of the shop. Printed with the Henri Henri brand logo with a glossy finish, this hat box is not only very useful, it is also an interesting addition to your space’s decor. It is meant for small to medium brimmed hats. This hat accessory will become an indispensable staple in your collection!

The inside of the box is fitted with a structure of which round opening allows the user to flip their hat upside down in the box for optimal conservation conditions. The outside is made of a 2mm-thick, single-flute corrugated cardboard, which brings a lightweight sturdiness to our Hat box. 

Features of the Henri Henri Hat Box

  • Material : Single-flute corrugated cardboard, 2mm
  • Length : 12 ⅞” (32,5 cm)
  • Width : 14 ¼” (36 cm)
  • Height : 6 ⅜” (16 cm)
  • Maximum hat brim length (Front-back) : 13” (33 cm)
  • Maximum hat brim width (side-side) : 11 ⅞” (30 cm)
  • Maximum hat crown height : 5 ¾” (14,5 cm)*
  • Maximum depth of a brim’s downward dip : ¾” (2 cm)*
  • Inside structure : Single-flute corrugated cardboard, 1,5 mm
  • Colors : Black, golden printed Henri Henri logo, glossy finish
  • Brand : Henri Henri
  • Origin : Made in Canada
  • Maintenance : Simply wipe the dust off your Henri Henri Box with a piece of cloth. 

* If the internal support ring is removed, the maximum height of the crown becomes 4 ⅜” (11 cm) but the brim’s maximum downward dip goes up to 2 ⅛” (5,5 cm).


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