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  • Overview
  • Mayser’s William Hat is a high-quality Panama hat sold at Henri Henri. Made of Grade 16, hand-woven Toquilla palm and decorated with a contrasting ribbon, this hat will provide both great style and excellent solar protection.

Product details

The Quality in the Details 

An unmistakable symbol of elegance, Mayser’s William Hat is a classic summer fedora which will have all the heads turning. Its center-dent crown, its downward-front snap brim and its contrasting grosgrain ribbon give this hat a charm worthy of the biggest cinema stars, from Humphrey Bogart, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Monica Bellucci or Charlize Theron, to name only a few. Furthermore, women and men alike wear it well and it fits most face shapes. And you, would you like to feel like a star?

A Panama hat is made from the Toquilla palm hand-woven in Ecuador according to a particular method which gives its tight weave a unique concentric motif and excellent solar protection capacities. What makes the William Hat an exceptional hat is its material’s quality: a fine, regular, Grade 16, Cuenca Fino quality straw.

After its weaving process, the William Hat is sent to Europe to get finished with a crown-pinch silicon reinforcement and to be coated with a light varnish which protects it from droplets of water. An engraved leather sweatband, a lining plate and a grosgrain ribbon are then sewn to it and the Mayser pin logo added above the side bow.

WARNING: We strongly advise against rolling Panama hats. We recommend storing plant-based hats in a hatbox to better preserve their shape.

Features of the William Hat

  • Material : 100% Toquilla Palm, Cuenca Fino Quality, Grade 16
  • Height : 4 ⅛” (10,5 cm)
  • Brim : Downward-front Snap Brim 2 ½” (6,5 cm)
  • Crown : Center-dent
  • Hat Band : 1 ¼” (3,16 cm) Grosgrain ribbon
  • Lining : Lining plate
  • Sweatband : Engraved Leather 
  • Colors : Natural
  • Sizes : 55 to 61 cm
  • UV Protection : +80 UV, tested according to UV STANDARD 801
  • Season : Spring, Summer
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Mayser
  • Origin : Made in Slovakia.
  • Maintenance : Water-repellent. Do not fold and keep in a hat box for better protection. For any question relative to hat cleaning, care and maintenance, feel free to contact our team of professional hatters, or read all about our cleaning & reblocking services!
  • Size Guide : With a soft measuring tape, take your head’s circumference in centimeters, passing by the middle of your forehead and about a centimeter above your ear. Refer to the size guide to accurately assess your head size.


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