Felt Hats for Men

Felt is one of the oldest hat making textiles known to man. Obtained via treatment of animal fiber from wools and furs, felt is a dense fabric that insulates from heat and cold and offers varying degrees of water resistance. Find yours at Henri Henri!

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Wool Felt

Wool felt is obtained from natural wool, mostly from merinos sheep and angora goats. Plentiful and inexpensive, wool felt allows designers to create affordable, soft and insulating hats. Most wool felts are treated to be water resistant. We however recommend you keep prolonged exposure to rain to a minimum.

Wool felt hats make for great first hats! The Henri Henri hat store offers a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors of wool felt hat to allow you to explore the world of hats without breaking the bank!

Rabbit Fur Felt

Rabbit felt is obtained from rabbit pelts. It is the most affordable and most widespread of fur felts. It features a great durability over time and a superior resistance to water exposure when compared to wool felt.

Rabbit fur felt hats for men are in the upper ranges of quality. They can last for decades when properly maintained, and can suit a variety of styles from the most flamboyant to the most solemn.

Beaver Fur Felt

Beaver felt is the most prestigious fabric used in hat making. Naturally watertight, it has been sought after for centuries thanks to its durability, insulation, its ability to make waterproof hats, and its incomparable, soft and velvety texture.

Beaver felt hats generally are the crown jewel of any hat wearer’s collection. Come to the Henri Henri hat store to explore, try on, and maybe find the beaver felt hat that will be the pride of your wardrobe!

How Do I Maintain My Felt Hat?

Felt hats must be brushed regularly to remove dust. Wool felt hats require lint brushes for deep cleaning, and you may also use a tape clothing roller for surface dust or hair. 

Fur felt hats require the use of a horsehair bristle brush. Brush every surface with short, vigorous strokes in a counterclockwise motion to follow the grain of the felt.

If your felt hat is misshapen or otherwise needs a deep cleaning, come to the Henri Henri hat store for a cleaning/reblocking! Our team of expert hatters uses traditional molds and methods to properly care for your men’s felt hat!

We recommend that hats used on a daily basis be cleaned and reblocked once a year. You can also space cleaning and reblocking by a few years if you use your hat on an ad hoc basis.