Whippet Fur Felt Teardrop Fedora Hat STETSON

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  • The Stetson Whippet hat is a love letter to classic 20th Century fashion. Its classic fedora shape is tweaked with a teardrop crown, a style that was all the rage in the 1940s. Find yours today at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada!

Product details

Royal Deluxe Fur Felt Made to Last

The Whippet hat is a must-have in any respectable hat collection. This fedora hat features a teardrop crown, a staple of the post-war prosperity era and the golden age of Hollywood.

With its wide, bound edge wide brim that matches its elegant grosgrain ribbon, the Whippet hat is a perfect example of a hat from a time where you wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a proper hat! The Whippet is made of the Royal Deluxe quality fur felt, a strong and soft felt that is water resistant and provides UV protection.

The Whippet Hat features a roan leather sweatband and a satin lining for optimal comfort. While this Stetson hat was originally made with masculine fashion in mind, it is nowadays considered a true unisex hat style. Its proportion will fit oval, square and angular faces especially well.

Offered in a variety of colors including Cognac, Black and Tawny, the Stetson Whippet hat is a fedora that will bring you style, protection and comfort for many years. Try it today at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada!

Features of the Whippet Hat

  • Material : Royal Deluxe Quality Fur Felt
  • Shape : Fedora
  • Height : 4 ½” (11,43 cm)
  • Brim : 2 ⅜” (6,03 cm)
  • Crown : Teardrop
  • Hat Band : Grosgrain
  • Lining : Satin
  • Sweatband : Roan leather
  • Colors : Cognac, Black, Tawny
  • Sizes : 6 ¾” - 7 ⅞ (54 cm - 63 cm)
  • Season : Fall & Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Stetson
  • Origin : Made in the USA 
  • Maintenance : To be cleaned and blocked at Henri Henri or by a professional hatter only. Remove dust with a horsehair brush.
  • Size Guide : Measure the circumference of your head at eyebrow ridge height, going slightly over the ears.


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