Find your women's classic felt hat: fedora, wool and fur felt, styles ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s: fedoras, trilbys, classics, teardrops and many more.

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The Fedora Hat: Inspired by a Woman!

Did you know that the Russian Countess Fedora, portrayed by Sarah Bernhardt in Victorien Sardou's play "Fedora," inspired the creation of the fedora hat? The famous actress wore a Tyrolean-style hat in the play, modified with a looped ribbon and a pinched crown, a form so iconic that it is now called the classic crown.

This appearance inspired many hatters to create their own Fedora models, later adopted by prominent figures like Prince Edward of Wales. The fedora hat was embraced by women's liberation movements to symbolize the goal of achieving gender equality, gradually replacing the bowler hat as the quintessential headgear for women's hats.

Summer Fedoras, Winter Fedoras

Originally made of felt, the fedora has become so popular that many artisans now craft summer versions in straw and fabric. Today, women's summer fedora hats come in the most exotic straws and finest fabrics, allowing you to embrace this unique and timeless style in any season.

How to Recognize a Women's Fedora Hat?

At one time, you would look at which ear the ribbon loop was above. Even today, women's fedora hats have the loop above the right ear, while men's fedoras have it above the left ear. Nowadays, the fedora hat is considered unisex for men and women, although this old rule is still applied to some of our women's fedora models.