Christys' Hats

Christys’ is without a doubt one of the most prestigious hat brands offered at the Henri Henri hat store. The London-based hatmaker is among the world’s premier makers of bowler hats, derby hats and top hats. Add a piece of history to your hat collection.

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British Ball Cap
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British Ball Cap

Christys’ Hats: An English Tradition since 1773

Founded over two centuries ago in London, England (UK), Christys’ is a brand of international prestige that has a long history of making hats fit for Royalty. Although its hat making process remains largely unchanged since its beginnings in the 18th century, Christys’ Hats capacity to transcend trends and fads is largely owed to their simultaneous attachment to tradition and embrace of modernity. You can easily recognize a Christys’ hat by finding the brand’s gold and crimson seal on the lining and sweatband.

Christys’ Top Hats

You will find a variety of Christys’ top hats on the Henri Henri online hat store, ranging from mid-tier wool felt top hats to the exquisite, long hair fur felt Top Hat Fur Melusine. These gorgeous top hats were worn by none other than Prince Albert himself! The unmistakable center piece of white-tie and black-tie attire, Christys’ top hats will undoubtedly mark you as a person of impeccable taste.

Christys’ Bowler Hats and Derby Hats

An icon of UK gentlemanly looks, derby hats and bowler hats have long-been a symbol of respectability and upwards mobility. Get yourself a Christys’ bowler hat and show the world you are a reference when it comes to quality headwear and gentlemanly attire.

Timeless Classics

Whichever Christys’ hat best corresponds to your outfits and style, you can always expect quality British craftsmanship and impeccable presentation when you put on a Christys’. Browse Henri Henri’s collection of Christys’ hats on our online store with fast shipping!