Gravel Hats

Luc Gravel has been crafting fur warm hats and aviator caps in his Saint-Jacques de Montcalm workshop for over 35 years. This winter, shelter yourself from the cold and enjoy the outdoors with a fur hat made in Canada available at the Henri Henri hat stor

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Sheep Aviator
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Sheep Aviator

Gravel Aviateur Mouton: A Classic Leather Aviator Cap

A long-standing best-seller at the Henri Henri hat store, year after year, this shearling pilot hat is one of the warmest and most versatile Gravel Aviateur Mouton caps we offer. Inside, it features a quilted satin liner for unparalleled warmth even in the iciest of storms!

Gravel Aviateur Castor: When you Need a Little Extra

This superb aviator cap is made of rich black leather and extra dense, soft and plushy full-length beaver fur. Exquisitely made, this stylish aviator cap will make many reconsider their choice of winter hat! Lead by example, and sport a warm, fuzzy hat that will let you enjoy the cold without a care!

How do I Clean my Gravel Hat?

The Henri Henri hat store specializes in cleaning and reblocking felt hats. Since Gravel hats are made of leather and fur, we strongly recommend you find a cleaner in your area that specializes in caring for fur items to ensure your hat receives the proper care.

In the spring and summer, we recommend you store your Gravel hats stuffed with silk paper or packing paper inside a hat box, cedarwood box, or kraft paper bag. Store it on a high shelf away from sunlight and heat sources.