Barmah Hats

The Henri Henri hat store offers you outstanding bush hats and outdoors hats from the Barmah brand. Specialized in kangaroo leather hats, the Australian brand is known throughout the world for its lightweight and dependable hats.

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Barmah Hats : an Australian Tradition

Kangaroo leather hats of the Barmah brand take their name from the town of Barmah, located in the Barmah National Park area, 260 km north of Melbourne, the largest river red gum forest in the world. 

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is known to possess the most enviable weight to durability ratio. Kangaroo leather is incredibly soft and resistant, which makes it an ideal material to craft comfortable and durable hats. Barmah kangaroo leather hats can be folded and stored in a bag..

Exotic Hats

If you think having a hat made of kangaroo leather isn’t special enough, have we got the hat for you! The Outback Crocodile hat is made of thick bronco hide and features a hatband made of genuine crocodile scales and teeth. Made with respects to the Australian wildlife protection acts, this hat is not without reminding Crocodile Dundee’s own!

How to Maintain my Barmah Leather Hat?

Though they are made of the toughest leathers out there, Barmah hats nevertheless require as much attention and care as any other leather. To keep your hat soft and smooth and to avoid crackling, periodically coat your Barmah leather hats with leather conditioner. You can find the Barmah Leather Conditioning Cream at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store, or on our online store with fast shipping!