Leather Conditioning Cream BARMAH

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  • The Leather Conditioning Cream by Barmah has your back! This protective balm will preserve the flexibility and resilience of your leather hats so they keep to your side through any adventures. Find it today at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada!

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Flexibility and resilience 

Barmah’s Leather Conditioning Cream is a protective balm to apply to the tanned side of the leather to preserve its flexibility and durability. Caring for your leather hats with this product will also help to maintain their resistance to the sun and rain so they may keep following you around on all your adventures for a long time.


With a pale (not dyed) cotton cloth, rub the surface of the balm then apply a thin coat of protector on the lustered surface of the leather in a circular motion. Leave the hat to absorb the balm for approximately 15 minutes far from windows and heat sources then rub with a clean dry cloth. Repeat the process once or twice a year or as needed.

Suitable for all leather colors, 45g NET.


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