Discover the biggest selection of men’s hat styles in Canada. The Henri Henri hat store offers the greatest variety of men's headwear in the country. Browse our online store and find the hat you need today!

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A good winter hat is essential to keep your head warm and comfortable during the cold season. Browse our vast selection of winter hats for men including felt fedora hats, aviator caps, tuques, beanies and flat caps, with or without retractable earmuffs. This fall and winter, keep warm with a winter hat for men from Henri Henri.


Henri Henri also offers you a wide array of summer hats for men. These include fedoras made of many types of synthetic or natural straw, among which are the world-renowned Panama straw hats. You will also find a large selection of outdoors hats, caps and flat caps made of lightweight, sun protective materials to keep you cool and healthy throughout the warmer seasons.

Formal Hats

Some occasions call for an exceptional hat. Our selection of formal hats for men is perfectly suited for such occasions. Whether your hat needs to be discreet, sumptuous, or simply dashing, send the right message by showing up to any solemn event with one of our formal hat styles, including but not limited to: fedoras, top hats, Panama hats, bowlers and many more!

Aviator Hats for Men

While similar to the Russian ushanka and chapka styles, aviators can easily be spotted by their round top. The exterior is made of leather, while the interior is either quilted or lined with sheepskin. These hats originate from the earliest days of aviation, serving to protect airmen from high winds and low temperatures encountered at high altitudes.