Beaver Fur Felt Waterproof Fedora Hat BORSALINO

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  • Overview
  • D’une longévité exceptionnelle issue d’un savoir-faire centenaire et avec plus d’un tour dans son sac, le chapeau Beaver de Borsalino est l’un des fedoras en feutre de castor de première qualité les plus hégémoniques vendus chez Henri Henri.

Product details

Savoir-Faire, Quality and Great Elegance

The exceptional quality of Borsalino’s products is evident even to the untrained eye and is an excellent indicator of the longevity which has made the renown of the brand since its inception in 1857. The Beaver Hat is the perfect classic fedora for the colder seasons. The distinguished good looks given by its centerdent crown, raw-edge snap brim and contrasting grosgrain ribbon give it a timeless charm which made it a must-have classic model. Moreover, women wear it just as well as men seeing as this hat fits most face shapes. 

This fedora hat is made from beaver fur felt of the highest quality and is entirely crafted according to the century-old know-how of Borsalino’s workshops in Alessandria, in Italy. Beaver felt is naturally waterproof, which allows you to wear the Borsalino Beaver under any weather. Well cared-for, this hat will last the next quarter of a century!

Another interesting feature of the Beaver: its elastic button-fastener! It is a neat vintage trick which, by means of a fine elastic ended in a slip-knot, allows the wearer to fasten the hat to a coat button to prevent it from blowing off in the wind.

The Beaver Hat is lined in satin and is fitted with a souple, high-quality leather sweatband. The bow’s middle is circled with a ribbon ring on which is printed the Borsalino logo in golden letters.

Features of the Beaver Hat

  • Material : 100% Beaver Felt 
  • Height : 4 ¾” (12,3 cm)
  • Brim : Raw-edge Snap Brim 2 ½” (6,5 cm)
  • Crown : Center-dent
  • Hat Band : 1 ¼” (3,16 cm) Grosgrain ribbon and Elastic Button Fastener
  • Lining : Satin
  • Sweatband : Souple High Quality Leather
  • Colors : Olive, Black, Gris, Beige/Gray
  • Sizes : 55 to 62 cm
  • Season : Fall, Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Borsalino
  • Origin : Made in Alessandria, Italy.
  • Maintenance : When wet, let dry at room temperature, away from windows and heat sources. Keep in a hat box for better protection. For any question relative to hat cleaning, care and maintenance, feel free to contact our team of professional hatters, or read all about our cleaning & reblocking services!
  • Size Guide : With a soft measuring tape, take your head’s circumference in centimeters, passing by the middle of your forehead and about a centimeter above your ear. Refer to the size guide to accurately assess your head size.


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