Tilley Hats

Tilley Endurables has been making hats in Canada since 1980 in Don Mills, Ontario. Lightweight, durable, and packable, these outstanding summer and outdoors hats are water resistant and protect from UV rays. Come find the biggest selection of Tilley Hats

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Tilley: The Quintessential Outdoors Hat 

Tilley hats were at first designed for sailing, hence the chin and neck you will find on almost every Tilley Hat. Their toughness and unparalleled sun protection make Tilley Hats a go-to hat for many outdoors activities, for tourism and leisure, in all seasons.

How to Care for my Tilley Hat

Tilley hats are well designed, well built and sturdy. Hats such as the chapeau Airflo organic T5MO made of organic cotton or the chapeau LTM5 Airflo can be machine-washed at delicate cycles.

We recommend you let your Tilley hat dry at air temperature, far from windows and heat sources. This will help prevent shrinkage and sunburns.

How to Measure my Tilley Head Size?

When choosing a hat, it is important to take the time to measure your head.

  1. Use a soft measuring tape that you will place slightly above the eyebrows and ears.
  2. Lap the measuring tape around your head.
  3. Be careful not to wrap the measuring tape too tight.
  4. Read the measurement on the tape in centimeters or inches and use the table of sizes on the hat selection menu to find the proper size.

Elegant, Practical Hats

Tilley has a wide offer of utilitarian, practical hats. However, they are also known to craft elegant and delicate felt and straw hats. The Rebecca sun hat is an elegant raffia straw hat for women, while the TWF1 Montana will easily go with any winter coat.