Goorin Bros Hats & Caps

If you are searching for a Goorin Bros hat, vintage flatcap or trucker cap, look no further! Henri Henri offers a vast selection of affordable and trendy high-quality headwear from the Goorin Bros company to our fashionable customers.

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What is the history of Goorin Bros hats? 

Cassel Goorin, great-grandfather to Goorin Bros actual owners, started his own hat business in Pennsylvania in the year 1895. Cassel would travel the streets of Pittsburgh with his trolly filled with fashionable and affordable hats and caps. From a humble traveling shop, Goorin has developed into a world-renowned quality hat manufacturing company.

Four generations later, their tradition of familial craftsmanship continues in San Francisco, Goorin Bros hats’ new homebase. The Goorin family and their skilled employees still share the same passion for affordable quality headwear, for the discerning customers looking for tradition and authenticity.

Goorin Bros Trucker Caps

Henri Henri offers you one of Goorin Bros flagship collections: “The Farm”. These trucker caps are adorned with patches depicting embroidered animals, accompanied by humorous captions. Enjoy today our vast offer of original trucker caps from Goorin Bros’ “The Farm” collection, such as the Believer or the All-American Rooster and get yourself a fine vented trucker cap with a modern, yet vintage look.

Goorin Bros Summer Hats

The Henri Henri hat store also carries a beautiful selection of women’s summer hats for unparalleled comfort and style during the warm seasons. The Mamacita wide-brimmed straw hat is one of our star Goorin Bros summer hats. Soft-bodied, lightweight and stylish, it will give anyone a fierce and elegant look and protect its wearer from heat and UV rays.

Other vintage hats 

Looking specifically for a vintage hat to add a touch of elegance to your look? You will find what you are looking for on our online store. Come and discover all our brands of hats for men and women! From Bailey hats to Brixton hats, the perfect hat for your head can be found here.