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The Henri Henri hat store offers a selection of antique walking sticks and vintage walking canes made in the U.S.A to put the cherry on top of your evening attire. Wait no longer and find an elegant walking stick that matches your refined style by browsin

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Vintage Canes and Walking Sticks for All Walks of Life

Vintage canes and vintage walking sticks offered at Henri Henri come in various designs. Our canes are made with wooden shafts and decorated with unique pommels, ranging from a classic derby handle to our very popular 8-ball, jaguar, and brass skull designs.

A Walking Stick for Style!

Vintage walking sticks and vintage canes offered at Henri Henri have an undeniable cosmetic appeal. However, they are not recommended for orthopedic use. Regularly putting your body weight on a Henri Henri vintage walking stick incurs risks of wear and breakage, making any exchange or refund non-applicable. We strongly recommend you look for stores specialized in orthopedic accessories for a sturdy cane.

How Can I Adjust My Cane?

Start by standing straight and let your arms relax along the side of your body. Measure the distance between the ground and the fold of your wrist. Subtract this measurement from the measurement of the cane. Starting from the bottom of the cane, measure the resulting measurement and leave a discreet mark on the shaft. 

Make sure the cane is solidly fixed, and use a fine saw to slowly cut the shaft. Once done, simply replace your cane’s rubber tip and Voilà! Your cane is tailored for you.

Are you hesitant to make the cut yourself? Don’t hesitate to come to the Henri Henri hat store to buy your cane, and one of our hatters will gladly help you with the adjustments.

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