Summer Gatsby & Newsboy Caps for Men

Browse the Henri Henri hat store’s selection of Summer Gatsby & Newsboy caps for men. These retro-chic caps are lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and admirably navigate the balance between classy and casual.

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Brood Snap Cap
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Brood Snap Cap

A Timeless Summer Look

Gatsby & Newsboy caps take their name from two icons of literature: Gavroche, the street urchin from Victor Hugo’s masterpiece Les Misérables, and from The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald Magnum Opus. These caps have been a staple of men’s fashion from the outset of the 19th Century, and have recently gained popularity through the Peaky Blinders series.

Lightweight, Comfortable Materials

The Henri Henri hat store offers you a wide selection of summer Gatsby & Newsboy in lightweight and breathable fabrics. You will find cotton, linen and silk blends that will allow you to spend this summer in style and comfort, shielded from the sun and heat!

Newsboy Cap vs Flat Cap: What is the difference

Gatsby caps are distinct from Newsboy Caps in that they are generally more compact. While they both feature a similar 8 panel construction, Newsboy caps are wider and floppier, allowing you to slant the crown as you would a beret, while the panels of the Gatsby caps’ panels remain more centered, closer to the temples.

Stetson Hatteras Caps

Halfway between the Newsboy and Gatsby cap styles, the Hatteras cap family by Stetson is a well-balanced option. Come try the Hatteras Silk Flat Cap at the Henri Henri hat store to find the men's cap you're looking for!