Derby, Top and Men’s Bowler Hats

Are you looking for hats for men? Sometimes, only the best will do. In such times where black ties and white ties matter, topping your suit with the appropriate hat is a must. Come to Henri Henri and choose within our selection of men's bowler hats, derby

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Bowler Hats and Derby Hats

The first instance of a bowler hat can be traced to 1849. A certain Edward Coke presented himself to James Locke & Co. in London and ordered a custom-made hat for horseback riding.

It had to be as stiff and sturdy to survive rain and the occasional fall, but not as high so as not to constantly get caught in branches. Today, Henri Henri offers you men’s bowler hats from some of the most prestigious brands, including Christys’ Hats and Bailey Hats of Hollywood.

Top Hats

Top Hats have long been associated with the most solemn and exclusive events. In the world of show business, this larger-than-life topper singles out the ringleader, conferring him with an aura of authority and prestige.

Whether you are looking to impress an audience of spectators or dress appropriately for a very special occasion, find the top hat that suits your needs and wants at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store.

How Do I Care for my Bowler, Felt Derby or Top Hat?

Whether your hat is made of wool felt or fur felt, it is generally not recommended wearing your men’s bowler hat, derby hat or top hat in the rain for extended periods. Only 100% beaver felt hats are waterproof. Brush your hat with a horsehair brush from time to time in a counter-clockwise pattern to keep the dust off. Make sure you own a hat box to properly store your hat for extended periods of time.