Hat Accessories

All hats need care. The right hat accessory will make all the difference when maintaining, storing, and caring for your hats. Whether you need to brush your suede or felt hats or to decorate it with a colorful feather, Henri Henri offers you a selection o

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The Best Hat Accessories of Henri Henri

Hat Box

We recommend you use a proper hat box to store your hats. A well designed hat box will help keep your hat’s shape, prevent dust accumulation, and shield your hat from light. Use the Henri Henri Hat Box, or the Bailey Luxury Hat Box to store or travel with your branded hats!

Hat Brush

This hat accessory is a must for those who own fur felt hats. Fur felt hats need to be brushed with a horsehair bristle brush. In addition, they have to be brushed with short, vigorous strokes, following the felt’s grain, which is always counterclockwise.

Hat Stretcher

Fedora hats, cowboy hats, leather hats and straw hats are all subject to shrinkage over time. Variations in humidity will always affect a hat’s size. It is then normal to notice a hat feels smaller after a couple of years, or following a heavy exposure to rain. The Hat Jack hat stretcher is the perfect hat accessory to help maintain your hat’s size indefinitely. 

Hat Feather

Hat feathers are interchangeable and help to add a dash of color and style to your hat, and to tie it together with your outfit. Use one of our numerous Henri Henri Hat Feather packets to multiply the possibilities!