Hat Jack

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  • The Hat Jack is a hat stretcher, the perfect tool to maintain and stretch the size of your hats and caps. Works for any type of hats and caps.

Product details

The Hat Jack Hat and Cap Maintainer is the ideal way to maintain the size of any hat while storing. The kiln dried wood absorbs moisture, while the metal turnbuckle adjusts the Maintainer to the perfect size. Keeps your hats and caps fitting perfectly and also allows you to stretch it out a bit if it tightens up. 

How to use the hat jack: Simply put your hat or cap upside down on a flat surface and insert the Hat Jack, aligning the arches with the front and back of your hat or cap. Slowly turn the turnbuckle handle until it becomes hard to keep going. Let your hat rest for a while. DO NOT RUSH: turning the handle too far too quick could irreversibly damage your hat or cap. It is preferable to repeat these step, increasing tension a little bit each time. Available in the following size gaps:

  • S : 6 ⅞” - 7 ¼” (Long Oval) 55-58 cm
  • M : 7 ⅛” - 7 ½” (Long Oval) 57-60 cm
  • L : 7 ½” - 7 ⅞” (Long Oval) 60-63 cm


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