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  • The Stetson Europe Hat Stretcher is purpose built to help you stretch your hats and caps, and to help you maintain their size during storage. Find this incredibly useful hat accessory on the Henri Henri online hat store with fast shipping!

Product details

A Hat Stretcher: A Valuable Accessory for Every Hat Owner

The Hat Stretcher by Stetson Europe is entirely made of wood, dyed anthracite. It works on the vast majority of hats and caps, and serves to stretch hats and caps that are slightly too snug or have shrunk, and to help maintain the size during long term storage.

This hat accessory is easy to use. Simply put your hat upside down on a flat surface. Insert the Hat Stretcher, aligning the wooden blocks front to back, and make sure the outer edge of the sweatband is aligned flush with the edges of the Hat Stretcher. 

Gently twist the central handle. Make sure you stretch your hat in progressive increments, allowing it to rest on the stretcher for a little while between stretches. You can also apply steam to your hat or cap prior to stretching to soften it.

Features of the Hat Stretcher

  • Material : Wood
  • Brand : Stetson Europe


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