Men's Suspenders

Henri Henri offers its customers a wide choice of classic, modern and vintage suspenders. Find clip suspenders, button suspenders and hybrid systems in a variety of classic colors on our shelves or on our online store with fast shipping!

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Suspenders 6795

Vintage Class for Men

Before belt loops became a standard feature, adjustable elastic suspenders were the preferred way of fastening trousers, jeans and pants, and looking like a proper gentleman. Browse our selection of Lloyd suspenders to sport an elegant air and enjoy the most comfortable fit. Don't hesitate to browse our selection of accessories to discover the other essential accessories for a true gentleman

Clip Suspenders

The greatest advantage of clip suspenders is that they can easily be worn with any pants or trousers, regardless of the presence of suspender buttons. Classic Lloyd clip suspenders come in a great variety of colors and patterns.

Clip Button Suspenders

Halfway between the clip suspenders and true button suspenders, clip button suspenders from the Lloyd company come with a set of clip-on metallic buttons. You can then wear this classic button suspender look on any pair of pants. Simply clip the clip-on buttons to the waist and fasten the leather loops. You can also wear the metal clip button suspenders with traditional trousers that already feature suspender buttons. 

How to Wear Suspenders ?

There are two major types of suspender configurations : 

  1. The “X” pattern, where the belts cross between the shoulder blades, are fastened at 4 points: 2 in the front, 2 in the back, in line with the middle of the collarbone.
  2. The “Y” pattern has three anchor points, one in the middle of the back, and two in the front, in line with the middle of the collarbone.