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Browse the widest selection of men’s hats available in Canada. Henri Henri offers both traditional and modern hat styles, from a varied range of prestigious brands such as Stetson, Henri Henri, Borsalino, and many more.

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Browse our Selection of Men’s Hats Styles

Henri Henri is proud to offer you the widest men’s hats selection in Canada. On our shelves, you will be able to find hats from the prestigious Stetson, Borsalino, Henri Henri, Bailey, Akubra, Barmah, and many more. Whether you are searching for a genuine panama hat, a cowboy hat, an elegant fedora or any other hat style, you will find something for you!

Men’s Summer Hats

Straw, cotton, linen, synthetic fabrics and natural fibres: there are many options to protect yourself from the sun and the elements during the hot summer months. You will find numerous options of various short and wide-brimmed men’s summer hats that will protect you from UV rays to have a pleasant, cool summer.

Men’s Fedoras

Fedora hats are without a doubt the most recognizable and most varied hat styles. These soft hats with sculpted crowns and classic brims are usually made of wool or fur felt, but can also be made of fabric, or even straw. Fedoras are especially polyvalent, as they can be worn as easily in formal as in casual occasions. 

Men’s Bowler Hats

Bowler hats are a staple of men’s fashion. At their peak during the late 19th and early 20th century, bowler hats to this day are a mark of impeccable taste and great sensitivity in formal wear. A bowler hat is what you need to tie your smoking jacket, morning suit, tuxedo, or any formal outfit together. 

Men’s Western and Cowboy Hats

Henri Henri offers the widest selection of western and cowboy hats in Canada. If you are looking for a world-famous Stetson cowboy hat or an Akybra cattleman’s hat, cowboy hats are resistant and allow for both hard-working and for hanging around with rugged class and style in any weather.