Open Road 6X STETSON Cowboy Hat

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  • Halfway between a cowboy hat and a city topper, the Open Road Royal Deluxe Cowboy Hat is the perfect accessory for the seasoned wanderer. Find it at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada!

Product details

A Cowboy Hat for Country Fans

Behold the Open Road 6X Cowboy Hat by Stetson, a true cowboy hat with untouchable pedigree that is at home on the stage, on the road, downtown, and on the range! This beautiful 6X fur felt hat is sturdy and water-resistant, and its stiffened body helps the Open Road 6X Cowboy Hat hold its shape in rainy weather.

The name “Open Road” is a relic of the time when this hat was first introduced to the Stetson lineup. It was originally sold with a round crown, an invitation for any owner of an Open Road to shape their crowns the way they saw fit. Open Road hats are nowadays sold with a Cattleman crown, a classic design of western fashion.

With its elegant, bound edge wide brim, the Open Road 6X provides excellent UV protection as well as shelter from rain and snow. Inside, it features a genuine leather sweatband and a smooth satin liner for comfort and insulation.

You can find this beautiful unisex cowboy hat on the Henri Henri online hat store with fast shipping across Canada and the United States!

Features of the Open Road 6X Hat

  • Material : 6X Fur Felt
  • Shape : Cowboy
  • Height : 4 ¼” (10,8 cm)
  • Brim : 2 ¾” (7 cm)
  • Crown : Cattleman
  • Hat Band : Grosgrain
  • Lining : Satin
  • Sweatband : Genuine Leather
  • Colors : Silverbelly
  • Sizes : 6 ¾” - 7 ¾” (54 cm - 62 cm)
  • Season : Spring, Fall, Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Stetson
  • Origin : Handmade in Garland, Texas (USA).
  • Maintenance (1 phrase) : Remove dust with a horsehair brush using short, vigorous strokes in a counterclockwise rotation. For any question concerning cleaning or reshaping your hat, never hesitate to seek the help of our professional team of hatters!
  • Size Guide : Measure the circumference of your head at eyebrow ridge height, going slightly over the ears. Compare the obtained measurement to our Stetson Size Guide table to determine your size. If you fall between two sizes, we strongly recommend you opt for the larger size. We will gladly help you with size adjustments in-store.


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