Navy Caps for Men

Henri Henri, Montreal's oldest hat store, offers navy caps, captain hats, as well as Breton and Greek fisherman caps from the Marin brand. Find an exquisite felt or cotton navy cap made in Europe on our shelves or in our online store!

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Captain Caps for Men

The perfect cap for the seasoned sailor or the Sunday skipper. Any watercraft enthusiast will love the lightweight and breathable fabric and lovely embroidered anchor patch decorations on our Royan and Commodore Marin captain caps! Come find yours today, or find an original gift for a friend or parent!

Greek Fisherman Caps

For many decades, the Henri Henri hat store has been the biggest supplier of authentic Greek fisherman caps in Canada. With their beautiful, intricate embroideries and soft-yet-sturdy felt bodies, Greek Fisherman caps are a perfect blend of refined and discreet styling. They easily suit any fall and winter outfits.

Breton Fisherman Caps

Also known as French fisherman caps, the Breton caps feature fewer flourishes. They only have a single braided cord at the base of the brim. Sometimes, simpler is better! The discerning comic book fan among you will have recognized this hat as the one worn by Captain Haddock, the loveable brute that accompanied Belgian reporter Tintin in his adventures around the world.

Looking for another hat that shouts adventure and travel? Discover our men's hats on our online store and find the hat that best suits your style and personality!