Berets for Men

The Henri Henri hat store offers to its valued customers the widest collection of berets for men. Our store carries French and true Basque berets from the prestigious Laulhère brand, as well as berets from the world-renowned Kangol brand. Find in our stor

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Anglobasque Beret
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Anglobasque Beret

The Basque Beret for Men : Classic Headwear

The beret has a long-standing history. The first true Basque berets came, as their name suggests, from the Basque country, a region with its own unique culture and language split between France and Spain along the Atlantic coast, at the foot of the pyrenees mountain range. The Basque beret was invented by Basque shepherds to protect themselves from sun and rain. 

Tried and true navigators, Basque sailors spread this exquisite product around the world, making the Basque beret one of the most recognisable and sought-after beret in the world!

Kangol Berets for Men

The world-famous English brand Kangol knew its first glory days during the Second World war. They had their first major contract as suppliers for the British Army, for which they made commando-style berets. You can still purchase the Monty Beret today. The Monty got its name from General Montgomery, also known as “Monty”, who insisted on wearing a private’s beret in public, instead of a richly decorated general’s cap. 

Kangol is also famous for the Wool Jax Beret, a street wear beret that was all the rage in the days of Bell Biv DeVoe and the Jax music era. Come visit our store today to find the Kangol beret you are searching for!

Laulhère Berets for Men

The Laulhère house, founded in France in 1840, is specialized in manufacturing authentic French and true Basque berets. Located at the base of the pyrenees, the Laulhère house is known around the world for the high quality of its craft. Browse our collection of authentic French and true Basque berets for men at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada, or on our online store with fast shipping!

Not looking for a beret or hat to cover your head? Come and discover our wide range of caps for men!

Looking for a Woman's Hat to Offer ? 

The Henri Henri Hat Boutique is pleased to present the widest variety of French and Basque berets for women in Canada. Visit Montreal's oldest hat store to pick up a women's beret from the world-renowned brands Laulhère and Kangol. Find a chic or casual beret to get you through the fall and winter in softness, comfort and refinement!