Trucker Cap

Are you looking for a summer cap with a unique graphic design? Maybe you are simply looking for a vented cap to keep your head cool. You can find both by browsing our selection of Trucker Caps at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada. We can advise

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What is a Trucker Cap?

Henri Henri Ltd offers you the widest selection of men's caps in Montreal. Very similar to the baseball cap, a trucker cap is usually a little taller, with a larger, flatter front panel that allows for various companies to embroider large logos and designs on it. Last but not least, most trucker caps also come with a vented mesh backside to ensure maximum air circulation in hot weather.

Goorin Bros. “The Farm” Collection 

In the last few years, the Goorin Bros. company launched its “The Farm” collection, featuring embroidered animal patches with funny and ironic captions. Step into a world of unapologetic fashion statements and let everyone know you have a poignant sense of humour with one of Goorin Bros. “The Farm” trucker caps. 

Stetson Trucker Caps

The iconic Stetson brand has a hand in all things american. Of course, they produce some of the finest trucker caps available in our store, with amazing vintage designs and quality materials. Find your Stetson trucker cap today at Henri Henri!

H3 : How to Clean my Trucker Cap?

Do not immerse the cap in water to clean your trucker cap.

  1. To clean sweat and stains, we recommend that you use a soft nail brush dipped in soapy water.
  2. Gently brush the affected areas of the cap with the soapy brush.
  3. Rinse the brush in clean water and brush the trucker cap again to rinse it.
  4. Repeat as needed.
  5. Let the cap hang to dry, away from heat sources and windows to avoid shrinkage and sunburns.