Golf Hat for Men

To those for whom golf is serious business, owning the right hat allows them to play golf even in the most chaotic weather! Discover our selection of golf hats and golf caps that will allow you to enjoy golfing all spring, summer and fall!

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Panama Dobbs
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Panama Dobbs

What Makes a Good Golf Hat?

Come rain or shine, a game of golf goes on! Golfing is a wonderful sport that allows one to enjoy the great outdoors, breathtaking landscapes, and good company while testing their skills and technique. It is therefore important to protect yourself from the elements to properly enjoy the outdoors to the maximum! On this page, you will find suggestions as to the best golf hats for men that will let you golf in comfort and style!

Tilley Hats

Known throughout the world for their simple and utilitarian style, their durability and UV protection, Tilley hats have long been a favorite of golfers. They are crushable and water resistant, easy to wash, and durable in time. Tilley hats are offered in a variety of different fabrics including cotton, hemp, and nylon to better suit your needs.

The Tilley Clubhouse hat was designed specifically to appeal to golfers. It features an adjustable cord that ensures perfect comfort on every occasion, elastic loops on the side to carry a few tees, and a magnet inside the brim to keep your ball marker at the ready. 

Panama Hats

Panama straw hats are also very popular among golfers. These handwoven Ecuadorian straw hats are in their element in the heat of the shining sun! Featuring classic to formal looks and unparalleled comfort, Panama hats are a great way to complete your golfing outfit and to stay adequately shielded from UV rays.

The Menton hat by the Mayser brand has long been a best-seller at the Henri Henri hat store. Finished with a water resistant coating, it features a wide safari brim that slopes down in the front and back, allowing for increased UV protection to the face and neck. The Menton is certified UV80, and many a customer will tell you it is the best golfing hat offered within our walls!

How About a Golf Cap?

The more traditionally minded golfer can find a plethora of golf caps at Henri Henri! According to your preferred style, you can browse our selection of flat caps, ivy caps, newsboy caps and baseball caps to complete your outfit! Made of various fabrics including cotton, polyester, linen, silk and tweed, a golf cap can shield your scalp and face from the elements in the spring, summer and fall.