Straw Hat for Men

When the sun is out, nothing beats a good, lightweight and comfortable straw hat to provide refreshing shade and protect you from UV rays. Find the perfect summer hat for you at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store with fast shipping in Canada and USA.

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Natural Straw Hats

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have crafted straw hats made from the plants and leaves surrounding them to stave off heat and sunburns, allowing them to spend more time outdoors. Numerous natural straws are still used to make straw hats: 

  • Shantung straw: a rigid starched reed straw,
  • Milan straw: a water resistant woven hemp braid
  • Paper straw: a flexible straw with a great lightness,
  • Raffia straw: a straw known for its flexibility and comfort. 

The Henri Henri hat store offers a variety of styles and shapes of natural straw hats for men, ranging from casual to sport, to formal wear. Browse the Henri Henri online hat store with fast shipping and find the straw hat for men that will complement your style!

Synthetic Straw Hats

Using synthetic straw allows hat makers to design and build durable, crushable and water resistant straw hats for men.

The Henri Henri hat store offers 100% synthetic straw hats such as the Mannes hat and the Eli hat from Bailey Hats of Hollywood. Made of polypropylene, they are crushable, incredibly shape retaining, and are completely water resistant! Durable and easy to maintain and clean, they will provide you with many years of faithful service!

You can also find natural and synthetic straw blends that allow you to enjoy the lightness and ventilation of natural straw with the increased durability and resistance of synthetic straw! One such example is the Wilshire hat, a smart casual vented straw hat for men made of 50% paper straw and 50% polypropylene blend.

Genuine Panama Straw Hats

Panama hats are handwoven in Ecuador. These exquisite toquilla straw hats have a long history, and are still sought after throughout the world for the quality of their craft and their incredible comfort. Discover the Henri Henri hat store’s selection of handwoven Panama Hats!

How Do I Care for My Straw Hat?

Straw hats, especially those made of natural straw, are generally more sensitive to tears and water damage than their felt and synthetic straw counterparts. This is why we strongly recommend you reduce water and rain exposure to a minimum to avoid loss of shape and tears, unless the straw is specifically treated for water resistance.

A synthetic straw hat may be completely impervious to water, although some still risk losing their shape if completely soaked. If your straw hat gets wet, gently remove as much water as possible by delicately using a towel. Let dry at room temperature, away from windows and heat sources. 

The Henri Henri hat store offers a specialized hat cleaning and reblocking service. All straw hats must be visually inspected by one of our professional hatters in order to evaluate the condition of the straw hat. If your natural or synthetic straw hat for men is misshapen, bring it to the Henri Henri hat store for an assessment. We might just be able to bring it back to shape, and under certain conditions offer minor repairs and alterations!